Authors: Gardill MC, Jitendra AK
Title: Advanced story map instruction: Effects on the reading comprehension of students with learning disabilities
Source: The Journal of Special Education 1999 33(1): 2-17
Year: 1999
Research Design: Single Case Design

Investigated the effectiveness of direct instruction of an advanced story map procedure on the reading comprehension performance of 6 6th and 8th grade middle school students with learning disabilities. Results indicated an increase in story grammar and basal comprehension performance by all 6 Ss from baseline to the independent phase condition of the intervention. In addition, generalization to a novel passage and maintenance of strategy effects were observed for all Ss on the story grammar tests and for 4 Ss on basal comprehension tests. On story retell measures, results demonstrated an increase in the number of story elements recalled by 5 Ss, whereas the number of words, correct word sequence, thought units, and sentences included in story retells increased for only 2 Ss following the intervention. The consumer satisfaction measure revealed positive results for all Ss. Limitations of the results and implications for teaching reading comprehension are discussed.

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