Authors: Sudhir PM, Chandra PS, Shivashankar N, Yamini BK
Title: Comprehensive management of psychogenic dysphonia: A case illustration
Source: Journal of Communication Disorders 2009 42(5): 305-312
Year: 2009
Research Design: Single Case Design

Psychogenic dysphonia refers to the loss of voice, in the absence of apparent structural or neurological pathology. It is a disorder seen more often in women and is usually associated with significant life events and emotional difficulties that may lead to conflict over speaking. Therapeutic interventions in voice disorders recommend the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. The following is a case illustration of a 50-year-old married lady with dysphonia and significant marital difficulties. Learning outcomes: The case demonstrates the psychological issues in the onset and maintenance of psychogenic voice disorders, It also emphasizes the use of a multidisciplinary approach consisting of cognitive behavioural strategies, pharmacological inputs and voice therapy. The case illustration will also help the reader to focus on cultural issues relevant in the development of problems and the need to address these in psychotherapeutic interventions, as well as difficulties that are likely to be encountered in therapeutic interventions.

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