Authors: Gazdag G, Warren SF
Title: Effects of Adult Contingent Imitation on Development of Young Children’s Vocal Imitation
Source: Journal of Early Intervention 2000 23(1): 24-35
Year: 2000
Research Design: Single Case Design

The effects of adult contingent vocal imitation on the development of vocal imitation skills by three young children with mental retardation were investigated. A multiple baseline across subjects design was implemented. Generalization sessions were conducted separately with both the children’s teacher and teaching assistant. Child vocal imitation to adult contingent imitation, elicited imitation, and spontaneous imitation were measured in generalization sessions throughout the study. All children vocally imitated in response to adult contingent imitation during training. Minimal generalization to adult contingent imitation and elicited imitation prompts were shown by the children. Moderate to strong generalized increases in spontaneous imitation occurred for all children concurrent with training.

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