Authors: Kent-Walsh J, Binger C, Hasham Z
Title: Effects of parent instruction on the symbolic communication of children using augmentative and alternative communication during storybook reading
Source: American Journal of Speech Language Pathology 2010 19(2): 97-107
Year: 2010
Research Design: Single Case Design

Purpose: This study investigated the effects of a communication partner instruction strategy for parents of children using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) on the communicative turn taking of their children. Instruction was provided within storybook-reading contexts. Method: Two single-subject multiple-probe-across-participants designs were used to evaluate the effects of parent instruction on (a) 3 European American parents and (b) 3 African American parents. Changes in turn-taking rates and the expression of different semantic concepts in children using AAC were assessed in storybook-reading activities. Results: All 6 parents learned to implement the communication partner interaction strategy accurately. All 6 children who used AAC increased their communicative turn taking and their language use as reflected by different semantic concepts expressed. Conclusions: Results provide evidence that the communication partner instruction program applied within storybook-reading contexts holds significant promise in improving parent-child interaction patterns and facilitating communicative expression and turn taking in children who use AAC.

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