Authors: Lohmander A, Henriksson C, Havstam C
Title: Electropalatography in home training of retracted articulation in a Swedish child with cleft palate: Effect on articulation pattern and speech
Source: International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology 2010 12(6): 483-496
Year: 2010
Research Design: Single Case Design

The aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of electropalatography (EPG) in home training of persistent articulation errors in an 11-year-old Swedish girl born with isolated cleft palate. The /t/ and /s/ sounds were trained in a single subject design across behaviours during an eight month period using a portable training unit (PTU). Both EPG analysis and perceptual analysis showed an improvement in the production of /t/ and /s/ in words and sentences after therapy. Analysis of tongue-contact patterns showed that the participant had more normal articulatory patterns of /t/ and /s/ after just 2 months (after approximately 8 hours of training) respectively. No statistically significant transfer by means of intelligibility in connected speech was found. The present results show that EPG home training can be a sufficient method for treating persistent speech disorders associated with cleft palate. Methods for transfer from function (articulation) to activity (intelligibility) need to be explored.

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