Authors: Ruiter MB, Kolk HHJ, Rietveld TCM
Title: Speaking in ellipses: the effect of a compensatory style of speech on functional communication in chronic agrammatism
Source: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 2010 20(3): 423-458
Year: 2010
Research Design: Single Case Design

This study investigated whether a Dutch and adapted version of Reduced Syntax Therapy (REST) could stimulate and automatise the production of ellipses in Dutch-speaking, chronically agrammatic speakers (N = 12). Ellipses are syntactic frames in which slots for grammatical morphology tend to be lacking (e.g., everybody inside). When elliptical style is applied on a regular basis, the linguistic impairment is circumvented, at least for the greater part. We therefore hypothesised that REST increases participants' functional communication skills (i.e., communicative efficacy and efficiency). This is of relevance because not all chronically agrammatic speakers become skilled at employing ellipses independently. The results of the present study suggested that when elliptical style is applied regularly, chronically agrammatic speakers get their message across more efficiently when compared to error-strewn production of sentential style.

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