Authors: Mobayed KL, Collins BC, Strangis DE, Schuster JW, Hemmeter ML
Title: Teaching Parents To Employ Mand-Model Procedures To Teach Their Children Requesting
Source: Journal of Early Intervention 2000 23(3): 165-179
Year: 2000
Research Design: Single Case Design

In this investigation, a home-based interventionist taught 4 female parents to embed the mandmodel procedure in daily activities to teach expressive language skills to their young children with speech delays. A multiple probe design was used to demonstrate experimental control and an ecological process was used to select functional areas in the home where language skills could be taught. Data were collected on parents’ use of the procedure and their child’s responses. During the intervention phase, parents were provided with feedback along with specific encouragement to use the individualized instructional program daily. Results indicated that parents can be taught to embed effectively the mand-model procedure into functional activities, resulting in children’s acquisition of target verbal responses across settings.

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