Authors: Dufrene BA, Reisener CD, Olmi DJ, Zoder-Martell K, McNutt MR, Horn DR
Title: Peer Tutoring for Reading Fluency as a Feasible and Effective Alternative in Response to Intervention Systems
Source: Journal of Behavioral Education 2010 19(3): 239-256
Year: 2010
Research Design: Single Case Design

Peer tutoring is an evidence-based procedure for improving academic performance for a variety of skill areas. The current study evaluated the feasibility and impact of a peer tutoring package for reading fluency with 4 middle school students receiving Tier II remedial supports. This study used a multiple baseline design across participants to evaluate impact of the peer tutoring procedure on students' oral reading rate on instructional passages. Results indicated that students' oral reading rate on instructional probes increased following implementation of the peer tutoring procedure. Moreover, peer tutors implemented most steps of the procedure with a high degree of integrity. Results are discussed in terms of contributions to the peer tutoring and Response to Intervention literatures, as well as application to applied practice.©Springer

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