Authors: Andrews-Salvia M, Roy N, Cameron RM
Title: Evaluating the effects of memory books for individuals with severe dementia
Source: Journal of Medical Speech Language Pathology 2003 11(1): 51-59
Year: 2003
Research Design: Single Case Design

Dementia is characterised by memory impairments and cognitive deficits affecting conversational discourse skills. The discourse of individuals with dementia has been described as lacking thematic structure and limited in the number of ideas produced. This investigation assessed the effect of memory books on the number of on-topic facts stated for three topics, (life, family, and day), by four individuals with severe dementia who resided in a residential facility. A multiple baseline design across communication behaviors revealed that all subjects stated more on-topic facts using the memory books than during the baseline condition. Subjects' improvement varied according to the topic and the amount of time spent with the memory book. These results were obtained with minimal cues and without intensive training. Therefore, the results of this study support the clinical utility and potential of memory books to facilitate communication skills, even for individuals with severe dementia.

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