Authors: Freeman KA, Friman PC
Title: Using Simplified Regulated Breathing with an Adolescent Stutterer: Application of Effective Intervention in a Residential Context
Source: Behavior Modification 2004 28(2): 247-260
Year: 2004
Research Design: Single Case Design

Simplified regulated breathing (SRB) has been demonstrated to reduce or eliminate stuttering in children. However, much of the current research has evaluated the intervention with school-aged children within educational contexts. In the current case report, we extended the application of SRB by evaluating its effectiveness in treating stuttering displayed by a 15-year-old resident of a large midwestern residential facility. Further, we evaluated the impact across different assessment conditions. Results showed that SRB resulted in decreased stuttering for the participant, although differential effectiveness across conditions was noted. These results are discussed in terms of the generality of SRB across client populations and clinical settings, as well as the value of addressing contextual variables when treating stuttering.

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