Authors: Choe YK, Jung HT, Baird J, Grupen RA
Title: Multidisciplinary stroke rehabilitation delivered by a humanoid robot: Interaction between speech and physical therapies
Source: Aphasiology 2012 27(3): 252-270
Year: 2012
Research Design: Single Case Design

Background: A great number of stroke patients pursue rehabilitation services in multiple domains (e.g., speech, physical, occupational). Although multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to stroke rehabilitation are considered desirable, it is largely unknown how the intervention in one domain affects the progress in others. Aims: The current study investigated the interaction between speech therapy and physical therapy. Additionally, the feasibility of utilising a humanoid robot in stroke rehabilitation was described. Methods & Procedures: A 72-year-old male chronically challenged by aphasia and hemiparesis completed speech and physical therapy tasks in the sole condition (Speech Only, Physical Only) and in the sequential condition (Speech & Physical). The therapy activities were delivered by a humanoid robot. Outcomes & Results: Greater gains in speech and physical functions were obtained during the sole condition than in the sequential condition, suggesting a competitive interaction between speech and physical therapies. Conclusions: The cross-domain competition can be accounted for by fatigue, participant characteristics, and task characteristics. Objective data on speech and physical functions and subjective data on perceived quality of life indicate positive outcomes in this single case. These findings warrant further research on the feasibility and utility of humanoid robots in stroke rehabilitation.

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