Authors: Barker MR, Saunders KJ, Brady NC
Title: Reading Instruction for Children who use AAC: Considerations in the Pursuit of Generalizable Results
Source: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2012 28(3): 160-170
Year: 2012
Research Design: Systematic Review

Our purpose was to review evidence-based literacy instruction for children with severe speech impairment (SSI) who communicate with AAC. This review focuses on three issues important to researchers in this area: participant heterogeneity, assessment and instruction tasks, and research design. We found eight articles that reported attempts to teach phonological awareness and individual-word reading to a total of 26 children with SSI who used AAC. We evaluated these studies based on reporting of participant characteristics, assessment and instruction modifications, and the strength of research designs. We conclude by highlighting the need for standard assessments that can be used across studies, discussing strategies for facilitating meta-analyses, and suggesting the creation of an online database for researchers to share results on literacy instruction for this population.

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