Authors: Steiner AM, Gengoux GW, Klin A, Chawarska K
Title: Pivotal Response Treatment for Infants At-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Pilot Study
Source: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2013 43(1): 91-102
Year: 2013
Research Design: Single Case Design

Presently there is limited research to suggest efficacious interventions for infants at-risk for autism. Pivotal response treatment (PRT) has empirical support for use with preschool children with autism, but there are no reports in the literature utilizing this approach with infants. In the current study, a developmental adaptation of PRT was piloted via a brief parent training model with three infants at-risk for autism. Utilizing a multiple baseline design, the data suggest that the introduction of PRT resulted in increases in the infants’ frequency of functional communication and parents’ fidelity of implementation of PRT procedures. Results provide preliminary support for the feasibility and utility of PRT for very young children at-risk for autism.

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