Authors: Leder SB
Title: Perceptual Rankings of Speech Quality Produced With One-Way Tracheostomy Speaking Valves
Source: Journal of Speech and Hearing Research 1994 37(6): 1308-1312
Year: 1994
Research Design: Case Series

Perceptual speech quality rankings, mechanical functioning, and maintenance of respiration as measured by oxygen saturation were determined for four different one-way tracheostomy speaking valves. Results indicated significant differences in speech quality rankings, with the Montgomery and Passy-Muir valves ranked significantly better than the Kistner and Olympic valves, and the Olympic valve ranked significantly better than the Kistner valve. The Passy-Muir valve was identified with the best speech quality most often by both listeners and subjects, and exhibited the fewest clinically relevant mechanical problems. Maintenance of respiration was not affected by use of any of the valves studied.

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