Authors: Bauminger-Zviely N, Eden S, Zancanaro M, Weiss PL, Gal E
Title: Increasing social engagement in children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder using collaborative technologies in the school environment
Source: Autism 2013 17(3): 317-339
Year: 2013
Research Design: Non Randomised Controlled Trial
Rating Score: N/A
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This study examined the effectiveness of a school-based, collaborative technology intervention combined with cognitive behavioral therapy to teach the concepts of social collaboration and social conversation to children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders (n = 22) as well as to enhance their actual social engagement behaviors (collaboration and social conversation) with peers. Two computer programs were included in the intervention: "Join-In" to teach collaboration and "No-Problem" to teach conversation. Assessment in the socio-cognitive area included concept perception measures, problem solving, Theory of Mind, and a dyadic drawing collaborative task to examine change in children's social engagement. Results demonstrated improvement in the socio-cognitive area with children providing more active social solutions to social problems and revealing more appropriate understanding of collaboration and social conversation after intervention, with some improvement in Theory of Mind. Improvement in actual social engagement was more scattered.

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