Authors: McDaniel SC, Houchins D, Terry NP
Title: Corrective reading as a supplementary curriculum for students with emotional and behavioral disorders
Source: Journal of Emotional and Behavioural Disorders 2013 21(4): 240-249
Year: 2013
Research Design: Case Series

Reading deficits among students with emotional and behavioral disorders (E/BD) are well documented. One approach to addressing these deficits has been providing students with intensive and explicit reading instruction. In this study, 31 students with E/BD and reading deficits in self-contained settings were provided with 8 weeks of Corrective Reading plus Language! instruction following a 4-week baseline phase with Language! instruction only. Standardized Reading Fluency, Comprehension, Word Attack, and Letter-Word Identification subtests and general reading achievement results yielded statistically significant reading growth. Weekly oral reading fluency rates grew at a rate of 1.592 words per week during the baseline phase and 3.563 words per week during the intervention phase. Reading achievement gains were consistent across settings (self-contained classrooms and self-contained schools) and the Corrective Reading intervention was perceived as effective and beneficial to teachers and students. Limitations addressed include brief duration of intervention and relatively small sample size. Increasing the length of the intervention and number of participants are presented as future directions for research.

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