Authors: Veereman G, Holdt Henningsen K, Eyssen M, Benahmed N, Christiaens W, Bouchez M-H, De Roeck A, Deconinck N, De ligne G, Dewitte G, Gheysen T, Hendrix M, Kagan C, Magerotte G, Moonen M, Roeyers H, Schelstraete S, Soncarrieu M-V, Steyaert J, Tolfo F, Vrancken G, Willaye E, Wintgens A, Wouters S, Croonenberghs J
Title: Management of Autism in Children and Young People: a Good Clinical Practice Guideline
Source: Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) 2014 KCE Report 233
Year: 2014
Research Design: Clinical Practice Guideline

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