Authors: Petrovic-Lazic M, Jovanovic N, Kulic M, Babac S, Jurisic V
Title: Acoustic and Perceptual Characteristics of the Voice in Patients With Vocal Polyps After Surgery and Voice Therapy
Source: Journal Of Voice 2015 29(2): 241-246
Year: 2015
Research Design: Case Series

Objective: The aim of the study was to assess the effect of endolaryngeal phonomicrosurgery (EPM) and voice therapy in patients with vocal fold polyps using perceptual and acoustic analysis before and after both therapies. Methods: The acoustic tests and perceptual evaluation of voice were carried out on 41 female patients with vocal fold polyp before and after EPM and voice therapy. Both therapy strategies were performed. Used acoustic parameters were Jitter percent (Jitt), pitch perturbation quotient (PPQ), shimmer percent (Shim), amplitude perturbation quotient (APQ), fundamental frequency variation (vF0), noise-to-harmonic ratio (NHR), Voice Turbulence Index (VTI). For perceptual evaluation, GRB scale was used. Results: Results indicated higher values of investigated parameters in patients' group than in the control group (P <; 0.01). Good correlation between the perceptual hoarseness factors of GRB scale and objective acoustic voice parameters were observed. All analyzed acoustic parameters improved after the phonomicrosurgery and voice therapy and tend to approach to values of the control group. For Jitt percent, Shim percent, vF0, VTI, and NHR, there were statistically significant differences. Perceptual voice evaluation revealed statistically significantly (P <; 0.01) decreased rating of G (grade), R (rough) and B (breathy) after surgery and voice therapy. Conclusions: Our data indicated that both acoustic and perceptual characteristic of voice in patients with vocal polyps significantly improved after phonomicrosurgical and voice treatment.

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