Authors: Hicks CS, Rivera CJ, Wood CL
Title: Using Direct Instruction: Teaching Preposition Use to Students With Intellectual Disability
Source: Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools 2015 46(3): 194-206
Year: 2015
Research Design: Single Case Design

Purpose: Students with intellectual disability often struggle with significant language delays or impairments and can require explicit instruction in language skills. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of direct instruction on the use of and response to prepositions by 3 elementary school students with intellectual disability. Method: A multiple-baseline design across prepositions was used in this study with replication across students. Results: Results of this study found that students were able to use and respond to prepositions consistently after receiving direct instruction on each of the 3 target prepositions. Furthermore, all 3 students demonstrated maintenance and generalization of the prepositions. Conclusion: These results have implications for practice that could influence preposition acquisition for students with intellectual disability, providing educators with a simple, efficient instructional approach.

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