Authors: Sennott SC, Mason LH
Title: AAC Modeling With the iPad During Shared Storybook Reading Pilot Study
Source: Communication Disorders Quarterly 2016 37(4): 242-254
Year: 2016
Research Design: Single Case Design

This pilot study describes an intervention package, MODELER for Read and Talk, designed to provide enriched language interaction for children with complex communication needs who require augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). MODELER (Model, Encourage, Respond) includes (a) modeling AAC as you speak, (b) encouraging communication (through time delay for this study), and (c) responding to child communication (by recasting using AAC as you speak for this study). This pilot A-B design study reports on a method for coaching educational assistants (EAs) to use MODELER for Read and Talk in the context of shared book reading with a pre-school-aged child using an Apple iPad and AAC app. The study provides positive results indicating EA instructional performance gains in MODELER steps and large gains in AAC models performed. The results indicated that the child participant subsequently engaged in higher levels of communication turns. Implications for practice, limitations, and future research directions are discussed.

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