Authors: Parker-McGowan Q, Chen M, Reichle J, Pandit S, Johnson L, Kreibich S
Title: Describing Treatment Intensity in Milieu Teaching Interventions for Children with Developmental Disabilities: A Review
Source: Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools 2014 45(4): 351-364
Year: 2014
Research Design: Systematic Review

Purpose: This investigation aimed to apply the dosage framework proposed by Warren, Fey, and Yoder (2007) to variations of milieu language teaching intervention strategies to explore how each of the dosage parameters (i.e., dose, dose form, dose frequency, total duration, and cumulative intervention intensity) was reported in the located empirically based applications with learners between birth and 23 years of age. Method: A systematic search located existing studies that implemented a milieu teaching intervention for children with developmental disabilities. Dosage data were then extracted from 42 studies along with study characteristics and participant characteristics. Results: Only 37.8% of empirical investigations provided a clear definition of treatment intensity and reported the full range of dosage parameters, thus making it difficult to compare the results across investigations. Of the investigations that reported on all dosage parameters, the majority were single-case design as opposed to group design studies. Conclusions: Given the limited reporting of dosage parameters in existing studies, there is a need for closer attention to reporting this information in early communication intervention protocols. Replication and customization of interventions for learners experiencing developmental disabilities will only be possible with additional empirical examination of dosage parameters.

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