Authors: Dickinson J, Friary P, McCann CM
Title: The influence of mindfulness meditation on communication and anxiety: A case study of a person with aphasia
Source: Aphasiology 2017 31(9): 1044-1058
Year: 2017
Research Design: Single Case Design

Background: Anxiety goes largely undetected and undiagnosed in the aphasia population. Mindfulness programmes have been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety in populations with chronic disorders. These interventions have also shown effects on cognitive functioning including attention, executive function and working memory. Aims: To identify the impact of reduced anxiety using mindfulness meditation in a person with aphasia. Methods one prior to intervention and two following the mindfulness intervention. Outcomes & Results: There was a clinical correlation between the mindfulness programme, a reduction in anxiety levels and improved language scores in this participant. The score on the Beck Anxiety Inventory reduced from a moderate level to a minimal score. Scores of confrontation naming, picture description and repetition improved, but no effect was seen in verbal fluency scores. Conclusion: Some aspect of a mindfulness programme appears to be effective in reducing anxiety scores in a person with aphasia, and improved language changes were evident in confrontation naming tasks. However, it is unclear exactly what the relationship is between the mindfulness intervention programme, reduced anxiety and improved language scores.

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