Authors: Garwood JD, Brunsting NC, Fox LC
Title: Improving Reading Comprehension and Fluency Outcomes for Adolescents With Emotional-Behavioral Disorders
Source: Remedial and Special Education 2014 35(3): 181-194
Year: 2014
Research Design: Systematic Review

As the reading difficulties experienced by students with emotional-behavioral disorders (EBD) receive more attention, the corresponding call for evidence-based practices has become more pronounced. We conducted a systematic review of comprehension and fluency interventions for middle and high school students with EBD served outside of the general education classroom in the years since the Individuals With Disabilities Education Improvement Act (2004). This literature synthesis represents a response to previous reviews to provide an updated state of the field regarding reading intervention research for students with EBD. The nine studies meeting inclusion criteria, all of which employed a single-subject design, contained a variety of intervention procedures and practices. Results indicated an increased amount of research involving middle and high school students with EBD. Effect sizes are reported, in addition to implications and recommendations for school-based practitioners and directions for future research.

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