Authors: Holyfield C, Drager KDR, Kremkow JMD, Light J
Title: Systematic review of AAC intervention research for adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder
Source: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2017 33(4): 201-212
Year: 2017
Research Design: Systematic Review

Much of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) research for individuals with autism spectrum disorder has focused on young children. Given that the lives, communication, strengths, and needs of adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder are quite different from those of young children, the purpose of the current study was to consolidate current AAC intervention research findings specific to these individuals. A systematic review was conducted to identify and evaluate relevant research. Results indicate that AAC intervention benefits adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder. However, more research is urgently needed. Future research focused on supporting communicative functions other than requesting (e.g., social closeness, information transfer) while participating in contexts important to the lives of adolescents and adults may be particularly valuable.

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