Authors: Korat O, Graister T, Altman C
Title: Contribution of reading an e-book with a dictionary to word learning: Comparison between kindergarteners with and without SLI
Source: Journal of Communication Disorders 2019 79: 90-102
Year: 2019
Research Design: Case Series

The purpose of the current study was to examine the efficacy of e-book reading to ‎promoting word learning among kindergarteners with specific language impairment ‎‎(SLI) compared to those with typical language development (TLD). We also tested ‎the contribution of three types of dictionary support provided in the e-book. All ‎dictionary words were given a pictorial and auditory support while a third of them ‎were given a short definition, a third were defined using the story content, and a third ‎were given a combined definition. Twenty kindergarteners with SLI and 20 with TLD ‎were read the e-book with dictionary support 5 times. Each child was exposed to the ‎three types of dictionary support in each e-book reading. Receptive knowledge, word ‎definitions and use of target words were measured pre and post intervention. A ‎significant improvement in new word learning following the e-book reading was ‎found in the children's receptive knowledge, word definitions and use of target ‎words. Nonetheless, children with TLD progressed in words use more than children ‎with SLI. The two groups progressed to a greater extent in explaining new words ‎following the provision of a dictionary definition and following story context ‎definition. Children with SLI progressed in words’ use following the definition of a ‎dictionary. The combined definition was especially efficient for children in the two ‎groups with had a low initial level of using new words. Combined definition was also ‎efficient for explaining new words for TLD children with initially high language level. ‎We conclude that children with SLI like children with TLD can benefit from ebook ‎reading and can learn new words at different levels when the e-book is well designed in ‎assisting children with definitions of difficult words.

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