Authors: Quinn R, Park S, Theodoros D, Hill AJ
Title: Delivering group speech maintenance therapy via telerehabilitation to people with Parkinson’s disease: A pilot study
Source: International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology 2019 21(4): 385-394
Year: 2019
Research Design: Case Series

Purpose: This study aimed to determine the feasibility of delivering a group speech maintenance programme (eLoud and Proud) to people with Parkinson's disease via telerehabilitation. Method: Treatment was delivered to eight participants who had previously received LSVT LOUD R. The programme focussed on using a "loud" voice within conversational and cognitively loaded tasks, and was delivered in two 90-minute sessions per week for four weeks. Data pertaining to sound pressure level (SPL) (for sustained phonation, reading and monologue tasks), maximum frequency range, maximum phonation duration and impact of dysarthria on quality of life were collected at three time points: (1) pre-treatment (PRE); (2) immediately post-treatment (POST); and (3) three months post-treatment (FU). Participant satisfaction with telerehabilitation was also obtained at POST. Result: Significant improvements were identified for all SPL measures PRE-POST and maintained for sustained phonation and reading tasks at FU. No significant differences were identified for the remaining outcome measures. Participants were overall highly satisfied with telerehabilitation and considered it to be an acceptable alternative to traditional service delivery. Conclusion: This study demonstrated the feasibility of delivering group speech maintenance therapy via telerehabilitation, and the potential for eLoud and Proud to improve and maintain vocal loudness in people with PD.

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