Authors: Hurwitz S, Ryan T, Kennedy DP
Title: Developing social communication skills using dual first-person video recording glasses: A novel intervention for adolescents with autism
Source: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2020 50(3): 904-915
Year: 2020
Research Design: Single Case Design

Adolescents with autism often experience pronounced difficulties with social communication, and novel interventions designed to improve core abilities are greatly needed. This study examines if providing immediate video feedback, an extension of video self-modeling, can aid adolescents with autism to self-identify strengths and irregularities from their social interactions. Using multiple baseline design across four participants, individuals engaged in naturalistic conversations wearing video recording glasses. During the intervention, videos were reviewed immediately and participants recognized when they were not following typical social-communicative convention. Based on observational data coded from videos, all four participants modified their behavior during subsequent conversations. Although adolescents with autism may hypothetically know to behave, viewing themselves on video may provide practical cues to support social insight and behavioral change.

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