Authors: Muharib R, Alzrayer NM, Wood CL, Voggt AP
Title: Backward chaining and speech-output technologies to enhance functional communication skills of children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities
Source: Augmentative and Alternative Communication 2019 35(4): 251-262
Year: 2019
Research Design: Single Case Design

Behavioral intervention packages in combination with speech output technologies have been utilized to develop communication skills of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. The current study aimed to extend previous research (Gevarter et al.; Gevarter & Horan) by examining the effects of backward chaining in combination with least-to-most prompting, time delay, and differential reinforcement on the acquisition of functional communication skills. A multiple probe across participants design was used embedded with a changing criterion design. For the study, three male children with ASD or developmental disabilities and minimal vocal communication skills participated. The results indicated that the intervention was effective in increasing both iPad©-based and vocal requesting of all participants, two of whom were able to maintain vocal requesting after the termination of intervention. Implications for future research and practice are discussed.

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