Authors: Hur JH, Snyder P, Reichow B
Title: Systematic Review of English Early Literacy Interventions for Children Who Are Dual Language Learners
Source: Topics in Early Childhood Special Education 2020 40(1): 6-23
Year: 2020
Research Design: Systematic Review

Children who are dual language learners (DLLs) often have more difficulty acquiring English early literacy skills than their English monolingual peers. Much remains to be learned about efficacious early literacy instructional interventions and their effects on English early literacy skills of DLLs. The purposes of this systematic review were to describe key features of English early literacy interventions provided to children who were DLLs and their effects on English early literacy skills. We conducted an electronic database search and used additional methods to identify 25 studies. Studies varied in defining and characterizing children who were DLLs, including whether they were simultaneous versus sequential DLLs and how information was gathered about primary and secondary language exposure. Use of bilingual and monolingual instruction showed promise for enhancing English early literacy skills, although mixed findings were common when both language and code-related outcomes were measured. Implications for future research and practice are discussed.

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