Authors: Piasta SB, Sawyer B, Justice LM, O'Connell AA, Jiang H, Dogucu M, Khan KS
Title: Effects of read it again! In early childhood special education classrooms as compared to regular shared book reading
Source: Journal of Early Intervention 2020 42(3): 224-243
Year: 2020
Research Design: Randomised Controlled Trial
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Read It Again! PreK (RIA) is a whole-class, teacher-implemented intervention that embeds explicit language and literacy instruction within the context of shared book reading and has prior evidence of supporting the language and literacy skills of preschool children. We conducted a conceptual replication to test its efficacy when implemented in early childhood special education classrooms relative to regular shared book reading. The randomized controlled trial involved 109 teachers and 726 children (341 with disabilities and 385 peers). Compared to the rigorous counterfactual condition, RIA significantly increased teachers' provision of explicit instruction targeting phonological awareness, print knowledge, narrative, and vocabulary during shared book readings but had limited impact on children's language and literacy skills. Findings underscore the need to conduct replication studies to identify interventions that realize effects for specific populations of interest, such as children with disabilities served in early childhood special education classrooms.

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