Authors: Lira ZS, Lemos ILL, Cardoso NSV, Paulino CEB, Vieira ACC, Lucena JA, Gomes AOC
Title: Immediate Effect of the Finger-Kazoo Technique Associated with Glissandos in the Voice of Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease
Source: Journal Of Voice 2022 36(4): 585.e15-585.e25
Year: 2022
Research Design: Case Series

OBJECTIVE: To verify the immediate effect of the Finger Kazoo technique associated with glissandos in the voice of individuals with Parkinson's disease. METHOD: Thirty subjects with Parkinson's Disease comprised of 15 men and 15 women with a mean age of 63.8 years (+/- 6.88) and mean time of diagnosis of 97.33 (+/- 63.53) months, all with preserved cognition. The subjects' voice range profile (VRP), speech range profile (SRP), and the maximum phonation time were assessed, before and after applying the Finger Kazoo technique associated with ascending and descending glissando. After the technique, a vocal satisfaction questionnaire was completed. RESULTS: After the applied technique there was an increase in the minimum and maximum fundamental frequency recorded respectively in the SRP and in the VRP; there was an increase in the vocal range (measured in Hertz and semitones) of the women, recorded in the VRP; in the male population, there was an increase in maximum phonation time. A higher percentage of positive references to vocal improvement was observed after the exercise. CONCLUSION: In patients with Parkinson's Disease, the Finger Kazoo with glissando technique promoted an increase in the minimum fundamental frequency of the SRP and in the vocal extensions of women, as well as increasing the maximum phonatory time of men. In addition, patients reported satisfaction with the use of the technique and its results.

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