Authors: Matos KC, de Oliveira VF, de Oliveira PLC, Carvalho FA, de Mesquita MRM, da Silva Queiroz CG, Marques LM, Lima DLN, Carvalho FMM, Braga-Neto P
Title: Combined conventional speech therapy and functional electrical stimulation in acute stroke patients with dysphagia: a randomized controlled trial
Source: BMC Neurology 2022 22(1): Article ID: 231
Year: 2022
Research Design: Randomised Controlled Trial
Rating Score: 06/10
This rating is confirmed
Eligibility specified - Yes
Random allocation - Yes
Concealed allocation - Yes
Baseline comparability - No
Blind subjects - Yes
Blind therapists - No
Blind assessors - Yes
Adequate follow-up - No
Intention-to-treat analysis - No
Between-group comparisons - Yes
Point estimates and variability - Yes

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