Authors: Akemoglu Y, Hinton V, Laroue D, Jefferson V
Title: A Parent-Implemented Shared Reading Intervention via Telepractice
Source: Journal of Early Intervention 2022 44(2): 190-210
Year: 2022
Research Design: Single Case Design

We describe a study of the internet-based Parent-Implemented Communication Strategies--Storybook (i-PiCSS), an intervention designed to train and coach parents to use evidenced-based naturalistic communication teaching (NCT) strategies (i.e., modeling, mand-model, and time delay) and RTs while reading storybooks with their young children with disabilities. Three participating parents were trained and coached via telepractice technologies (videoconferences, video editing software). Zoom software was used for videoconferencing and Camtasia software was used to record the training and coaching sessions and to edit the recorded session for feedback delivery purposes. Using a single-case multiple-baseline design across NCT strategies within each family, we examined (a) parents' fidelity use of the three NCT strategies, (b) parents' use of book RTs, and (c) child language and communication outcomes. The entire intervention period lasted 8 weeks. After training and coaching, parents used the modeling, mand-model, and time delay strategies with higher rates and higher quality (accuracy). Children initiated more communicative acts upon parents' use of time delay and increased their numbers of single- and multiple-word responses.

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