Authors: Wu CH, Lo WC, Liao LJ, Kao YC, Wang CT
Title: Vocal Fold Steroid Injection for Benign Vocal Lesions in Professional Voice Users
Source: Journal Of Voice 2023 37(3): 472.e1-472.e6
Year: 2023
Research Design: Case Series

OBJECTIVES: Current treatments for benign vocal lesions consist mainly voice therapy and phonomicrosurgery. However, these options are not always suitable for professional voice users because of their tight performance schedule and limited time for voice rest. This study investigated vocal fold steroid injection (VFSI) as an alternative treatment. STUDY DESIGN: Matched case series. METHODS: We retrospectively enrolled 28 professional voice users (i.e., singers, actors and news anchors) who received VFSI for vocal nodules and polyps in an office setting of a tertiary teaching hospital. Outcomes were evaluated using videolaryngostroboscopy (VLS), the 10-item Voice Handicap Index (VHI-10), maximum phonation time, and acoustic and perceptual analyses before and 1 month after VFSI. Study results were compared with 56 patients of nonprofessional voice users (i.e., routine or high occupational vocal demands), matched in a 1:2 ratio by age, sex, and treatment date. RESULTS: After VFSI, VLS revealed substantial lesion resolution in 82% professional voice users. One professional voice user developed a self-limited vocal fold hematoma after VFSI. VHI-10 scores in the professional group decreased from 21 to 14 points, compared with 23 to 16 points in the non-professional group, demonstrating a significant within-group effect (P < 0.01, GEE) and a nonsignificant between-group effect (P = 0.86). Other outcomes also improved significantly after VFSI (P < 0.05), without significant differences between the two groups. CONCLUSION: VFSI can be an effective and safe alternative treatment for professional voice users with benign vocal lesions.

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