Authors: Andriollo DB, Frigo LF, Cielo CA
Title: Effect of Pompage on Teachers Self-Assessment-Clinical Trial
Source: Journal Of Voice 2023 37(2): 293.e25-293.e36
Year: 2023
Research Design: Randomised Controlled Trial
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OBJECTIVE: To verify the results of self-assessments of teachers with vocal and musculoskeletal complaints and with the normal larynx, after myofascial release using pompage. METHODS: Double-blind, controlled, and randomized clinical trial including 28 teachers in the study group and 28 teachers in the control group, totaling 56 participants. Anamnesis, video laryngoscopy, hearing screening, clinical and photogrammetric postural assessment, pain threshold in cervical muscles, sound pressure and maximum phonation time measurements, and manovacuometry were performed. Protocols for vocal self-assessment, neck pain, anxiety and depression, and musculoskeletal pain were filled out. Pompage therapy consisted of a total of 24 sessions (8 weeks) of 40 minutes each, three times a week. Afterward, the groups were reassessed. RESULTS: In the study group, there was a significant improvement in the results of the following instruments: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, Vocal Tract Discomfort Scale, Voice Symptoms Scale, Vocal Activity and Participation Profile, Vocal Handicap Index, Voice-Related Quality of Life, and Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire. CONCLUSIONS: After myofascial release using pompage in teachers, there was an improvement in the self-assessed aspects regarding characteristics and quality of life related to the voice, social participation related to the voice, anxiety and depression, and musculoskeletal symptoms.

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