Authors: Hashimoto N
Title: Using a combined working memory – Semantic feature analysis approach to treat anomia in aphasia: A Pilot Study
Source: Journal of Communication Disorders 2023 106: Article ID: 106384
Year: 2023
Research Design: Single Case Design

INTRODUCTION: The purpose of the study was to pilot a working memory (WM) - and modified Semantic Feature Analysis (SFA) approach to treat word finding deficits in a group of people with aphasia (PwA). Two research questions were posed: 1. Will the group of PwA be able to complete the WM tasks used in the approach? 2. Will the approach improve naming performance in PwA? METHOD: Three individuals with mild - moderate aphasia participated in this singlesubject multiple baseline treatment design. Pre-treatment assessments of language, and pre- to post-treatment assessments of WM abilities were carried out. The treatment protocol incorporated WM and linguistic tasks in order to improve naming accuracy across two treatment lists. Probes were carried out prior to treatment on each list, and at one-month following completion of treatment. Two outcome measures were obtained: Percent accuracy in completing the WM steps, and treatment effect sizes (Beeson & Robey, 2006). Additionally, modified t-tests (Crawford & Garthwaite, 2012; Crawford & Howell, 1998), were calculated in which post-treatment WM measures were compared against neurotypical control groups to detect any improvements in WM functions. RESULTS: All three participants completed the WM steps with a high degree of accuracy. A range of small to large ESs were obtained for all three participants across the two treated lists, while no meaningful ESs were obtained for the control (untreated) list. All three participants demonstrated improved scores across most of the WM measures with significant improvements noted on certain WM assessments. CONCLUSIONS: The findings revealed that the WM - SFA approach can be used successfully in individuals with mild - moderate aphasia. The proposed approach holds promise as feasible intervention designed to remediate anomia in PwA.

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