Authors: Meldrum SJ, Snyman LM, Hunt EF
Title: Replication of a single-case design cross-situational statistically based word learning treatment for late talking children
Source: International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology 2024 26(1): 83-95
Year: 2024
Research Design: Single Case Design

PURPOSE: Late talking children are at risk of ongoing language impairment. This intervention study replicated and extended research based on cross-situational statistical learning principles. METHOD: Three late talking children (age 24-32 months) were enrolled into the concurrent multiple baseline single-case experimental intervention study. The intervention consisted of 16 sessions over eight/nine weeks, including 10-11 pairs of target and control words (three per session). Children heard the target words a minimum of 64 times per session, in sentences with high linguistic variability in varied play activities. RESULT: All children increased production of target words and expressive vocabulary, with statistically significant differences between word acquisition in baseline and intervention phases. One of the three children learnt statistically significantly more target words than control words. CONCLUSION: The results replicated the findings of previous research for some but not all of the participants, providing individual evidence that this approach has promise as a therapy technique for late talking children.

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