Authors: Rouhandeh AA, Honsberger C, Shanok NA, Lozott EB, Levy T, Kolevzon A, Buxbaum JD, Sotelo M, Foss-Feig J, Siper PM
Title: Brief Report: Assessment of a Caregiver-Implemented Intervention for Improving Social Communication Skills in Toddlers and Young Children with Autism
Source: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2024 54(2): 794-802
Year: 2024
Research Design: Single Case Design

As early identification of autism improves, there is a critical need for interventions to support the development of social communication skills in toddlers. Caregiver coaching and parental involvement is crucial for improving outcomes and providing children with adequate hours of planned active engagement. This pilot study assessed a 4-week intervention for individual caregiver-child dyads. Eight toddlers 21- to 45-months of age participated. Standardized assessments were collected at four study visits to assess autism symptomatology, language development, and both caregiver knowledge and engagement. Results demonstrated the feasibility of the intervention. Social communication, receptive and expressive language all improved as measured by direct assessment. Caregiver knowledge and caregivers' subjective feelings of engagement with their toddlers also improved.

Access: Open Access