Authors: Maniaci A, Lechien JR, Caruso S, Nocera F, Ferlito S, Iannella G, Grillo CM, Magliulo G, Pace A, Vicini C, La Mantia I
Title: Voice-Related Quality of Life After Total Laryngectomy: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Source: Journal Of Voice 2024 38(2): 539.e11-539.e19
Year: 2024
Research Design: Systematic Review

BACKGROUND: To compare voice rehabilitation-related quality of life among patients surgically treated for total laryngectomy and rehabilitated with esophageal (EV) and tracheoesophageal (TEV) voice. METHODS: A systematic literature review of articles from the past 20 years was conducted, and only full-text English articles comparing VTE and EV results in laryngectomized patients were included. RESULTS: We provided 15 articles for a total of 1085 laryngectomized patients undergoing voice rehabilitation, of which 869 (80.1%) were treated with voice prosthesis while 216 (19.9%) to esophageal speech. Pooled VHI outcomes showed a significantly better score for the TEV group than EV one (31.93+/-12.11 versus 35.39+/-20.6; P = 0.003), but no significant difference was recorded at VrQoL (8.27+/-5.98 versus 9.27+/-2.02; P = 0.19). CONCLUSION: TEV and EV are both effective procedures in voice rehabilitation after laryngectomy. Although TEV allows for significantly better speech performance, it does not necessarily correlate with a high VrQoL.

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