Authors: Raju T, Sargunaraj JJE, Thejesh R, Paul RR, Albert RRA, Mathews SS
Title: Early Initiation of Voice Therapy After Microlaryngeal Surgery – A Randomized Control Study
Source: Journal Of Voice 2024 38(3): 788-794
Year: 2024
Research Design: Randomised Controlled Trial
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OBJECTIVE: A prospective single blinded randomized control trial was conducted to study if early initiation of voice therapy after microlaryngeal produces a better voice outcome in patients with benign vocal fold lesions. METHODS: In this Patients undergoing microlaryngeal surgery for benign vocal fold lesions were recruited for the study and underwent voice evaluation and videostroboscopy preoperatively. Participants were randomised into two groups depending on the duration of voice rest-A (2 days voice rest) and B (5 days voice rest). Following the period of voice rest, voice therapy (tube phonation) was carried out for a month. Postoperative evaluation was done at 6 weeks (over telephone) and 3 months (in person visit) follow up. Outcome measures included the VHI-10, auditory-perceptual voice ratings, acoustic analysis and videostroboscopic vibratory ratings. RESULTS: Of the 50 subjects, 35 completed the follow up evaluation. The overall compliance to absolute voice rest was 43%. Among the various parameters used for voice evaluation, there was no statistically significant difference between the two groups except for jitter, where the improvement in 5 day voice rest group compared to the 2 day voice rest group was statistically significant. CONCLUSION: Prolonged voice rest after microlaryngeal surgery is difficult to comply with. As there was no significant difference between the two study groups, clinicians may prescribe a shorter duration of voice rest followed by early initiation of voice therapy after microlaryngeal surgery.

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