Authors: Qi X, Ng WWH, Tsang GHK, To CKS
Title: Efficacy of a Self-Directed Video-Based Caregiver-Implemented Language Programme
Source: Folia Phoniatrica et Logopedica 2024 76(3): 245-263
Year: 2024
Research Design: Randomised Controlled Trial
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INTRODUCTION: Caregiver-implemented language programmes are effective for alleviating early language difficulties. This study examined the efficacy of a self-directed video-based caregiver-implement language programme in Chinese families. METHOD: This study consisted of two stages. In stage 1, 31 caregiver-child dyads (typically developing children) completed the training programme (group 1) in the form of six video-based training modules. In stage 2, 28 caregiver-child dyads (children with language difficulties) receiving active speech therapy were randomly assigned to the training (group 2) and control arms (group 3). Group 2 received the same training as group 1 in addition to their regular therapy while group 3 was kept as status quo. Caregivers completed a quiz on their knowledge of language facilitation techniques (LFTs) and submitted caregiver-child interaction videos at the start and end of the training. Outcome measures included programme completion rate, quiz scores, and use of LFTs and children's communication skills in the videos. A pre-post design and a between-group design were adopted in the stage 1 and 2 studies, respectively. RESULTS: A completion rate of about 60% in both stages was noted. Significantly higher post-training knowledge scores were found in groups 1 and 2. General but nonsignificant growth in use of parallel talk and gesture, and significant gains in children's vocalization in the training arm were observed. CONCLUSION: The self-directed video-based training programme would be useful in imparting information to caregivers. However, the modest improvements in the use of LFTs suggested direct coaching appeared to still play a significant role in enhancing the actual implementation of LFTs. Further investigation on a larger scale is required to evaluate the effectiveness of the training programme for promoting the wider use of this mode as a preventive measure.

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