Authors: Deloche G, Dordain M, Kremin H
Title: Rehabilitation of confrontation naming in aphasia: Relations between oral and written modalities
Source: Aphasiology 1993 7(2): 201-216
Year: 1993
Research Design: Single Case Design

Presents a microcomputer-assisted rehabilitation program for picture confrontation naming impairments. The results reported concern 2 aphasic patients with inverse pretherapeutic dependencies between oral and written naming mechanisms. Written naming responses of 1 patient with surface dysgraphia were often mediated by access to phonological word forms, whereas the oral responses of 1 patient with conductive aphasia often relied on covert finding of orthographic word forms. The rehabilitation technique focused exclusively on written naming from the keyboard, without oral training. Improvements were obtained in both cases, with various generalizations to nondrilled items, untrained (oral) modality, and handwriting. These beneficial effects were still present 1 yr after therapy.

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