Authors: Penn C, Jones D, Joffe V
Title: Hierarchical discourse therapy: A method for the mild patient
Source: Aphasiology 1997 11(6): 601-632
Year: 1997
Research Design: Single Case Design

Reports on a therapy technique, hierarchical discourse therapy, which is specifically designed for the mild patient with aphasia, and that attempts to incorporate discourse as both the medium and the goal of therapy. The technique also incorporates some of the structured principles underlying cognitive rehabilitation that appear to have borne fruit in relation to the rehabilitation of other cognitive functions. The therapy programme is based on a framework developed by J. B. Biggs and K. F. Collis (1982), who proposed a taxonomy based on Piagetian principles of different Strategies of Observed Learning Outcomes. Some preliminary research of the potential of this method as a therapy tool with 2 mildly impaired female patients with aphasia (aged 19 & 70 yrs) is reported. Results show a potential for hierarchical discourse therapy as a useful therapeutic and diagnostic tool.

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