Authors: Samples JM, Lane VW
Title: Language gains in global aphasia over a three-year period: a case study
Source: Journal of Communication Disorders 1980 13(1): 49-57
Year: 1980
Research Design: Single Case Design

A diagnosis of global aphasia generally suggests poor prognosis for recovery and indicates short-term therapeutic intervention. This case study illustrates language gains made by a patient with global asphasia over a three-year period of speech and language therapy. Prognostic factors against recovery include post middle age; right-handedness; extensive vascular damage; perceptual, sensory, and motor problems; and dysarthric and apraxic involvements associated with aphasia. Despite known patterns of recovery that indicate a six-month plateau in patients with global aphasia, the data on this patient indicates that long-term therapy, in certain cases, is appropriate and necessary.

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