Authors: Seron X, Deloche G, Moulard G, Rousselle M
Title: A computer-based therapy for the treatment of aphasic subjects with writing disorders
Source: Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders 1980 45(1): 45-58
Year: 1980
Research Design: Single Case Design

A computer-controlled rehabilitation for aphasics with writing impairments is presented. Subjects were asked to type words under dictation. Each time a letter was typed in its correct position, it was displayed on a screen. If the contrary, the error was not displayed, thus avoiding visual reinforcement of false choices. This method of rehabilitation has proved efficient as concerns typewriting. More importantly, some learning transfer to handwriting was observed at the completion of experimental training. The results showed a significant reduction in the number of misspelled words as well as in the erroneous choice and serial ordering of letters. The stability of the observed improvement is discussed in relationship to variables such as the time elapsed since brain damage and the type of writing difficulty.

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