Authors: Mackenzie C
Title: An aphasia group intensive efficacy study
Source: British Journal of Disorders of Communication 1991 26(3): 275-291
Year: 1991
Research Design: Single Case Design

The response of five adults with chronic aphasia to a 4-week intensive treatment course is presented. Using four language tests, pre-intervention stability was demonstrated over the month preceding the treatment programme. Following the intervention period, two subjects showed improvement in one test, and more widespread changes occurred in three subjects. On further assessment 1 month after treatment had finished, one of the two subjects who had made least progress performed better than at the end of the course, and one had returned to pre-treatment level. Although there were indications of regression in two of the three other subjects, this was not to pre-treatment level. Only one subject maintained the gains made fully. Given the short duration of the course, the changes in performance noted suggest that, providing transport is available, intensive treatment of aphasia should be available to patients with sufficient motivation and stamina.

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