Authors: Murray LL
Title: Longitudinal treatment of primary progressive aphasia: A case study
Source: Aphasiology 1998 12(7-8): 651-672
Year: 1998
Research Design: Single Case Design

The purpose of this longitudinal study was to describe the evolving treatment regimen provided to a woman with a 4 yr history of non-fluent primary progressive aphasia (PPA). Over her 2.5 yrs of treatment, 3 different therapy approaches were used to adapt to her changing communicative abilities and needs: (1) a traditional stimulation-facilitation approach, (2) the 'Back-to-the-drawing board' programme, and (3) a functional communication approach including provision of an augmentative communication device. Improvement was found following each treatment approach indicating that PPA patients can continue to benefit from long-term speech-language pathology services.

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