Authors: Thompson CK, Shapiro LP, Roberts MM
Title: Treatment of sentence production deficits in aphasia: A linguistic-specific approach to wh-interrogative training and generalization
Source: Aphasiology 1993 7(1): 111-133
Year: 1993
Research Design: Single Case Design

Examined generalization patterns across wh question forms requiring wh-movement in a single-S multiple baseline experiment with 2 aphasic adults (aged 62-72 yrs). Within question form generalization also was evaluated by examining formulation of untrained sentences of varied complexity, with complexity defined in terms of the number of phrasal nodes in the d-structure representation of sentences. For both Ss, the heuristic strategy was successful in facilitating generalization from more to less complex interrogative sentences. For 1 S, generalization across wh forms was noted. Disrupted grammatical/linguistic processes and representations involved in translating d-structure to s-structure representations may explain some sentence production deficits seen in agrammatism, and support the use of wh-movement treatment for ameliorating this deficit pattern.

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