Authors: Katz WF, Bharadwaj SV, Carstens B
Title: Electromagnetic articulography treatment for an adult with Broca’s aphasia and apraxia of speech
Source: Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 1999 42(6): 1355-1366
Year: 1999
Research Design: Single Case Design

Electromagnetic articulography (EMA) was explored as a means of remediating [s]/["sh"] articulation deficits in the speech of an adult with Broca's aphasia and apraxia of speech. Over a 1-month period, the subject was provided with 2 different treatments in a counterbalanced procedure: (1) visually guided biofeedback concerning tongue-tip position and (2) a foil treatment in which a computer program delivered voicing-contrast stimuli for simple repetition. Kinematic and perceptual data suggest improvement resulting from visually guided biofeedback, both for nonspeech oral and, to a lesser extent, speech motor tasks. In contrast, the phonetic contrast treated in the foil condition showed only marginal improvement during the therapy session, with performance dropping back to baseline 10 weeks post-treatment. Although preliminary, the findings suggest that visual biofeedback concerning tongue-tip position can be used to treat nonspeech oral and (to a lesser extent) speech motor behavior in adults with Broca's aphasia and apraxia of speech.

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