Authors: Sorin-Peters R, Behrmann M
Title: Change in perception of communication abilities of aphasic patients and their families
Source: Aphasiology 1995 9(6): 565-575
Year: 1995
Research Design: Single Case Design

Perceptions of aphasic adult communicative performance, as rated by 3 aphasic patients (aged 66-72 yrs) and their care givers, were used as measures of change after a combined language therapy and day treatment program. Patients' and care givers' perceptions were used as an index of satisfaction with treatment. Changes in perception, as assessed on the Communicative Effectiveness Index, were compared to changes observed in functional communication on the test of Communicative Activities of Daily Living and to changes in communication in real life situations, as reported by patients and families. For Ss 1 and 2, there was a positive relationship between changes in perceptions and changes in communication in everyday situations. For S 3, there was a negative relationship. Results are discussed in terms of patients' ability to self-assess and self-modify communicative behaviors.

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